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Famoso Cane Corso Australia is breeding for temperament, health and the traditional look of the Cane Corso breed. Our dedication is to maintain and keep the original look, instinct and character what the Cane Corso once was bred for. Only the best specimens who meet these criteria will be used in our breeding program and we are proud to show our outstanding results. To maintain this quality and best breeding results we are importing new bloodlines from the best breeders of the world who have breed multiple world champions and follow the same interests.


Be Aware...

In Australia too many Cane Corso look like Great Dane or Labrador crosses and have nothing to do with the Cane Corso look or character anymore. Those breeders breed only for the money and to fulfill puppy orders and do not have the passion for the breed. They are using their Australian Champion titles to impress people but in reality when they go to a dog show they are the only one in the Cane Corso group and easily collect those points and apply for the champion titles.

Only a few breeders here have outstanding specimen which should be bred with!


Our Puppies

All our dogs are living and raised in family environment with our 4 years old son and we guarantee best socialization of the puppies. All puppies we are selling will be fully vet checked with certificate, micro chipped, vaccinated up to date, flea treated, wormed and come with pedigree.

We guarantee for the future our ongoing support with questions regarding feeding, training and education for the puppy you purchased.



Some of our the past matings


Famoso India (HD2) & Champion Siras  (HD0)









Giulia (HD0) and Leeroy (HD1)








Egle (HD-1) and Argot (HD-1)








Venus dei Dauni (HD0) and  Multi-Champion Bayos dei Silvanbull ("Leon") (HD01)









Famoso Flavia & Aus Champion "Charlie"





Do not buy puppies if you haven't seen their parents or breeding ground, even if the breeding project sounds serious to you. We are consoling a few CC-owners who haven't seen the breeding ground and were sent a pup which wasn't what they thought they paid for. Be doubtful at all times for a greater joy afterwards.

Be reminded that a puppy takes up a lot of your time, effort and money. Take time off to be at home full time for the first days after pup's arrival at your place. It is seperated from its family for the very first time and needs to be further socialised and bonded with. They'll grow into big strong dogs so make sure you've booked him into puppy classes beforehand.

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