Famoso Cane Corso Australia is nearing two decades of breeding. We follow strict rules regarding health and temperament, breeding the most suitable and sought after Italian bloodlines of this rare breed. The past twenty years have given us some hard and many great experiences within our breeding program, all this has brought us to where we are today: We are proud to present the healthiest breeding stock of Cane Corso, an excellent overall reputation with dedication to the wellbeing and responsible reproduction of the breed. We would love to share our pride with you.


Famoso Cane Corso Australia has the best quality of stud dogs available. No matter what other people say we have the true Cane Corso's in Australia with top notch quality like the mother country Italy! WE are breeding QUALITY and not quantity.


Famoso Karl  "Nero"      

Nero at 21 months was approx. 65kg and shoulder height 70cm, very nice, solid boy but still lean, and with an awesome short back.

Available for stud to approved bitches.

Nero - picture taken on 05/2015


    Famoso Karl  "Nero" head shot at 21 months


Famoso Hercules

Available for stud to approved bitches.

Herc is only 12 months old in the pictures below and still has to grow and mature another 2 years.

Famoso Hercules    Famoso Hercules


Famoso aka Saxon



Famoso Ikarus  "Boston"

Famoso Ikarus      Famoso Ikarus


Famoso Hector  "Leo"   (Italian Import Lux Youth Champion Orfeo x Blue Viper)

Available for stud to approved bitches.



ITALIAN IMPORT Lux Youth Champion Orfeo  HD-0  (Raul x Luna)

Available for stud to approved bitches.

Youth Champ Orfeo     Youth Champ Orfeo  


Famoso Memphis  "Vito"     (Vito is only 1 year old in these pictures)




Famoso Duke  (Egle x Leroy)

        Famoso Duke    Famoso Duke

Eros "King Kong" (Parry x Ch Orfeo)

        EROS "Kong"    EROS  "Kong"


Leeroy  HD-1  (Peter x Lobo)



Balou HD-0
(Giulia x Leeroy)                                                          Bakym (Egle x Ch Argot)


Blade HD-2 (Giulia x Leeroy)


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