Cane Corso Gallery

The difference in the look:









Champion Bayron
is father of Ch. Ron and Ch. Argot

Egle gave birth to excellent puppies after Argot in January 2006.












Champion Ron
Son of Champion Bayron











Multi-Champion Bayos dei Silvanbull
(called "Leon")

(father of our Ayla of Legendary 2004)

Young World Champion FCI 2002
Young Club winner 2002 Czech Republic
Austrian Champion
Swedish Champion
IABCA Champion
Austrian Bundessieger 2004
Molosser Club winner 2004 Austria




(son of Giulia and Leeroy)

9. und 10. September 2006 in Leipzig
International Youth Champion
(14 Corsi competing in his class)

13. October 2006 in Dortmund
Bundessieger, Youth Champion

14. October 2006 in Dortmund
Youth Champion of the Century







(1st in International Champion of Beauty CACIB Luxembourg 2004) trying to convince dad to have a break! :o)








India and little kitten Jasmine














Ch. Siras
and his sister M.Ch. Seyolly




2 day old puppies of Giulia













Roli and Leeroy: cuddling after obedience training!

















The Three Musketeers
in our kennel - what an honour :o)






 India and Egle wishing a Woofy Christmas to everyone!















Satchmo (12 months) and Angie (16 weeks) sharing :*



















Andro (4 months)

"I'm coming!!"



Venus dei Dauni
(4 years)

Czech Republic (03.05.2003): V3
Czech Republic (04.05.2003): V
Italy (13.12.2003): V

Thanks to Paco - her father - the breed Cane Corso Italiano received its FCI Standard in 1999.




Angie dei Silvanbull

Her real Name was Angel. There is a special reason why we gave our Angie that name. We rescued her and 3 of her brothers from very bad circumstances and she was the one that was about to die. Her body had given up, she couldn't put on any weight. She was seriously ill.

Our vet in Germany gave us lots of advise but told us at the same time, she did not think that Angie would make it.

A little wonder, care and love from her new family helped save her life and we are very proud of that.

Kisses to you, Angie!



(4 years) and Ayla (9 hours old)

Venus gave birth to 9 beautiful and healthy puppies.

All of them went to very nice new families.











They are excellent with children.

Kinley is almost sleeping.... too much cuddling :o)








having a nap with Miss Evil :o)







India (7 months) exploring kittens for the first time.
















"Looook! I can do sit already!" :o)

(Satchmo, 14 weeks)


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