Famoso Cane Corso Australia is nearing two decades of breeding. We follow strict rules regarding health and temperament, breeding the most suitable and sought after Italian bloodlines of this rare breed. The past twenty years have given us some hard and many great experiences within our breeding program, all this has brought us to where we are today: We are proud to present the healthiest breeding stock of Cane Corso, an excellent overall reputation with dedication to the wellbeing and responsible reproduction of the breed. We would love to share our pride with you.



Original Italian Import Cane Corso
Larna at Famoso Cane Corso

Larna is an original import from Italy with 12 champions in her pedigree inclusive 9 Camp Estero (Int. Champion) , 11 Camp Riproduttore (Champion of Reproduction), 2 Camp Europeo Bellezza (European Champion of Beauty), 4 Camp Mondiale Bellezza (World Champions).

Larna at Famoso Cane Corso  Larna sitting at Famoso Cane Corso



3rd Generation Famoso
Famoso Nadelle

Famoso Cane Corso Nadelle   Famoso Cane Corso Nadelle Head

Picture taken at 8 months 



2nd Generation Famoso
Famoso Gaja "Mia" 




Champion Famoso Kyomi Medusa


Picture taken at 4 months                                          Picture taken at 7 months / 45kg


Famoso Flavia "Shyla" 




"Blue Viper"
(Italian Import Ch Hulk Dei Dauni & Italian Import Ch Gaia della Valle dei Lord)


      Hipower Sniper   

                Hipower Sniper          


Famoso Daiya (Egle x Leroy)

                 Famoso Daiya    Famoso Daiya stand



Italian Import Egle del Morgan  HD-1  (Nuccio x Asia)



Italian Import India  HD-2, ED-0  (Multi Champion Marcus Della Porta Dipinta x Multi Champion Asia)


ANGIE dei Silvanbull (Kilar dei Silvanbull x Venus dei Silvanbull)


AYLA of Legendary (Multi Champion Bayos dei Silvanbull x Venus dei Dauni)

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